Adirondack Mortgage wants to provide the fastest possible answer to your loan request. This checklist contains documents that are necessary to obtain a mortgage loan. The most important form needed is your application with all information completed. Here are a couple of options for completing the application.

Secure Internet Application

It’s a good idea to review the checklist and gather the applicable items before you start filling out the application. When you complete the on-line application, it will be uploaded to our loan system and processing of you loan request can begin immediately.

Phone Application

Call us for a preliminary discussion and to set up a phone appointment, review this list and gather the applicable items. During the phone appointment, we can walk you through the process and can complete a telephone application in about 20 minutes. (It’s best that you gather the checklist items before the phone appointment.)

What happens once we have your application?
Once your application data is in our computer system, we print it and send the application form to you for your signature. When you mail back the signed application, you should also send the checklist items that apply to you. Sending these right away will make your loan approval faster.

We appreciate your business
Please call us or e-mail us with any questions. We look forward to working with you!